New Life Missionary Ministry’s Vision:

“Raise, Plant and Build Churches”
  • That the churches, without any distinction, would unite to fulfill missionary efforts, not only in the Dominican Republic but in all the nations
    throughout Latin America.
  • That we would be used to initiate a missionary revival that would result in an unprecedented number of churches committed to using their financial resources for the equipping
    and sending of missionaries.
  • That we would answer God’s calling and get involved, whether through intercession, offering, participation, projects, local church mobilization or any other area that God reveals.
  • That we would be able to bless the world through contributions to New Life Missionary Ministry and realize that this ministry is effective, transparent, relevant, and committed to
    everything related to missionary work.

How we do it:

  • We commission people who can go out to the missionary field.
  • We send offerings and humanitarian aid.
  • We stimulate intercessors for spiritual support of our missionary work.
  • We broaden the number of churches committed to missions.
  • We incentivize the missionary work within the Dominican Republic and Latin America.
  • We propagate missionary action to the nations least reached and with the least resources in Latin America.


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